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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 100

2 minute read • April 11, 2019
100 days of keto chow day 100

And…. done, or at least I will be tomorrow morning at this time. 100 days of eating only Keto Chow for all of my calories. 298 meals (I skipped 2 meals early-on), several gallons of Heavy Cream, bottles of Avocado Oil, 24 sticks of butter. What’s my first meal going to be tomorrow after getting my blood test? Keto Chow. Yep: Day 101 will start with Keto Chow because it’s just so easy to make and take to work, lunch will be chicken wings =) Here is the original post where I laid out my plan: Starting 2019 with a plan.

The scale this morning reported that I’m down 43.6lbs since the commencement of this experiment, I’m optimistic that might hit 44 by tomorrow which will get me to one of my goals. That’d be a fantastic capstone to the experiment.

I’ll get my final blood test tomorrow and will have those results back by at least Thursday of next week. Until then, I do have the results from the most recent test which is the first week of doing butter for both Beverly and for me. It’s very interesting to have n=2 with two very different people (tall dude, short lady). The full results are on the online spreadsheet. Here are the comparison graphs showing how we both have reacted to the different fat types:

We most definitely do not react the same… and yet the trends are doing the same things. MCT oil seems to make both of our triglycerides go up, my increase is more pronounced. Avocado Oil lowers both of our LDL-P and (to a lesser extent) our total cholesterol. I really don’t like the reaction of my HDL to avocado oil though. A 26 is alarmingly low. It’s coming up on butter, we’ll see how the next test goes.


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