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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 16

< 1 minute January 17, 2019
100 days of keto chow day 16

My 100 days of nothing but Keto Chow are still going well. I’m down 14.4 lbs from my starting weight 16 days ago. Yesterday we went to the Ice Castles, to get there in time the kids ate dinner before I got home and I drank my Root Beer Float Keto Chow while driving, worked out great. I always tell people that if they’re having digestive problems on keto; or with Keto Chow, specifically: take a probiotic. I finally took my own advice. The probiotics fixed up any issues I was having within hours.

Today, Miriam and I are driving back up to Heber, Utah (right by the ice castles) to visit the Real Salt people. They’re coming to the Keto Salt Lake conference and invited us up for a tour of their facility, and lunch. I’ll be drinking Keto Chow =) We’ll need to leave early to get up there and I’m trying to have everything ready in place for if/when the electrolyte drops and fasting drops get here so they can go live right away. I’ll likely need to do some clean-up and photoshopping and such when we get back from Heber.



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