100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 29

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We did our weekly Facebook Live broadcast last night. I have the video for that encoding on my laptop in UHD 4K right now, I think I need a faster computer. Maybe a Ryzen Threadripper. That sounds like a totally legitimate business expense. On the live, we talked about doing Chocolate Keto Chow hot with butter, so I mixed that up this morning, looking forward to trying it! Update: it tastes AMAZING!

Did my weigh-in for the City contest, going off what I remember, I believe they have me losing 1.58% of my body weight since last week. I grabbed the PDF table they sent out last week, turned it into a spreadsheet, and calculated where I was last Wednesday in the total loss – looks like I’m in 11th place last week with a 7.16% loss, 8.89% if you include today.

I also did my final weigh-in for the Keto Chow DietBet challenge this morning. When I started the challenge, I assumed (incorrectly) that as the organizer of the DietBet I would be able to see a leaderboard or something so I could easily determine the winners of the additional prizes we are giving out. Yeah, not so much. I have to look at each person’s public profile and see what percentage they’ve lost, one-by-one. To help accomplish this and maintain my sanity, I have a google sheets form for people to fill out.

The form will take you through each step of getting the info I need. If you participated, please fill out the form, even if you didn’t lose the 4% and don’t think you’ll win the grand prizes, I’m going to email everyone that participated and fills out the form a consolation prize (OK, it’ll be a coupon for Keto Chow). So please do it!


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