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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 38

3 minute read • February 8, 2019

Yesterday was a little crazy. We finally got the samples back in stock and this morning it’s a bit of a mad-house around here getting the sample bundles put together so we can ship them out. I spent much of yesterday afternoon and evening constantly answering questions that kept coming in from very excited people that wanted to get samples!

I think, by far, my favorite post was this one from the /r/keto subreddit:

Folks with experience with Keto Chow – would you think they are out of sample packs because business is booming so hard that they can’t keep up – or is it just an operational issue the new entrepreneurs are grappling with? Dropping $65 on a bag of Chow that I don’t end up liking is NOT going to break the bank, but I’d really like to try several flavors to see which ones tickle my fancy.

Also – is their shake-it-up cup unique in some way – or can I get a few similar shake-it-up cups to have at home / office / yacht / helicopter?

My reply (typed out on my phone while at the Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet where everyone else was eating a potato bar and I was drinking Root Beer Float Keto Chow):

I swear I didn’t put you up to this: we literally just got the sample packs back in stock today.

They should have never been out of stock, I had the packaging printed and ordered the components mixed in more than enough time but the company that puts the packaging around the powder (in a super awesome machine) was having production issues. I think we were promised to have the samples 6 different times starting in October. When the new delivery date was projected to be the beginning of February I started looking for other places that could do it. The best one that I found wanted an extra $1000 set up for each flavor and was charging 700% to package each sample.

We finally got them, but only half of the order. The rest are coming in March (maybe). I expect that we’ll be just about out of the ones we got today when the next batch comes so I’m already getting together another (far larger) order started next week with our new logo and package design… just as soon as I can spend about 3 hours of quality time with Adobe Illustrator.

Anyhow. To answer the question: it’s a combination of both fantastic growth and demand + stupid production issues beyond my control (my favorite kind, not). It’s been brutal without the samples. People want to try it because they’ve heard awesome things and I want them to be able to try it and blow their minds, but they couldn’t for the last while.

The shaker cups are 28 ounce Blender Bottle Classic Loop cups that happen to have the (old) Keto Chow logo on them. If you already have shaker cups, you go right ahead and use those. Dang, I gotta get a yacht. Does a 1996 Yamaha wave runner count? I bought it off Craigslist for $500 a few years ago.

If you order $100 of stuff from us, the shopping cart will give you a $6 discount on a blender bottle, bringing the cost down to $1. I really like Blender Bottle cups and am still using several I bought in 2014. We constantly get cheap shaker cup companies that blather about how much they can save us by using theirs instead but they always suck compared to the original. We’re getting new cups with the new Keto Chow logo around the 20th of this month.

I did finally get over to weigh-in for the city weight loss challenge. I also noticed that the guy’s tracking sheet went out to 9 weeks. Dunno how I missed this but unlike previous years where the challenge was 6 weeks, this year it’s 9 weeks. So I’m not finishing next Wednesday, I’m finishing on February 28. OK, that changes some stuff! I guess that means I won’t be doing a 3+ day fast next week, just before the end because I’ll already be into the science portion of my 100 days of Keto Chow and will be controlling variables tightly. Though that means I get 3 additional weeks of nice and steady weight loss.

As for today, I need to head over to a welding supply store and fill up my 6L Dewar with liquid nitrogen so my daughter can make “Dippin Dots” for a school dance, and then I get to buy a brisket so I can smoke that for their dinner (which I won’t be eating). Fun Stuff!


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