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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 41

< 1 minute February 11, 2019

Dinner was fun last night, we had some neighbors coming over so I tried cooking a bunch of southern/country style pork ribs (which are just big strips of fatty pork, no rib bones) in the crock pot Sunday morning. I checked them about 2 hours before dinner and the center part was still raw. Instant Pot to the rescue! After an hour in the instant pot they were literally falling apart: perfect! We got dinner ready and right about the time the couple we had invited over for dinner showed up, another neighbor (T1DM, she’s been on a previous Facebook live) showed up as well, it was just a jamboree! Lindsay, the T1, has been doing keto since Thanksgiving (and saving a TON on medication) and the dinner conversation was pretty much just all about keto. Our neighbors had recently read a book called Dirty, Lazy, Keto, so we talked about that and other fun stuff. I drank some chocolate Keto Chow that I heated up in a mug.

Today it showed more so I got to listen to Dr. Bret Scher interviewing Dr. Sarah Hallberg on my cool headphones while I was snow blowing the driveway. Keeps my ears warm and my mind entertained =). I’m just about done with the design of the new sample packaging with the new logo. I think as soon as it gets finished I’m going to put in a massive order so we don’t run out of samples ever again.


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