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Feb 21  ·  2 min read
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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 51

100 days of keto chow day 51

I’m on Day 51 of 100 where I’m eating ONLY Keto Chow for all 3 meals every day. Why am I doing this? A couple of reasons =)

  1. I wanted to lose weight and possibly win my city’s weight loss challenge (I’m in 8th place as of last week)
  2. I wanted to prove a point. I represent that Keto Chow is nutritionally complete. I think that if you’re going to claim something like that, you should have some sort of proof. Who better to have fun with such an experiment than me? To the best of my knowledge, the only similar thing that has ever been attempted in the keto world is when the founders of Nui ate their Keto Kookies for 7 days. Not complete nutrition but it was a start! =)
  3. I wanted to do some intense science by changing the type of fat that I’m using in my 3 shakes every day.
    1. Starting February 15, I switched to ONLY using Heavy Cream. I’m currently doing 100ml per shake of 40% fat Darigold.
    2. March 1, I’ll switch to ONLY avocado oil for the fat in my shakes, that’ll run for 2 weeks.
    3. March 15, I’ll start using Avocado Oil with a tablespoon of MCT Oil in my shakes, that’ll run for 2 weeks.
    4. March 29, I’m planning on switching to Butter. This will require me to be doing the savory flavors of Keto Chow that are meant to be mixed and consumed hot. This will also run for 2 weeks and will be the final portion of the experiment.
    5. Every Friday I’m getting a blood test, on Wednesday r Thursday of the following week I should be getting the results of the tests. I’m checking my lipids and several other biomarkers. I’m also checking my blood ketones every day.

Anyhow. Today I had a “shower thought” – because I’m currently using heavy cream for my fat source, I’m essentially getting ALL of my calories from dairy right now. The protein is from milk protein isolate, the fat is from heavy cream, the little carbs I’m getting are also from the milk protein. It’s like I’m drinking milk that has had the sugar removed and vitamins and minerals added. I am subsisting on the byproducts of rangeland carbon sequestration and grass fermentation by ruminants. Cool!