100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 70

Welcome everyone to day 70! I’m now 70% of the way through this experiment. For those that are only concerned with how much weight I’ve lost so far: I’m down 31 lbs… again. Despite eating the same thing at the same calories every day, I went up 3-4 lbs and have been coming back down steadily. The last 6 days were spent traveling to, attending, and traveling from the Boulder Carnivore and the Low Carb Denver  Conferences. Both were really a great experience. I got to see nearly all of the presentations at the carnivore conference (key takeaway: plants are not your friends and want to live so they often utilize toxic chemicals to dissuade eating them), and only one presentation from Low Carb Denver because the booth was constantly busy with people (which is a good thing). I think I’m going to need to dedicate an hour every day for the next several weeks to watch the recorded presentations.

On our drive home from Colorado yesterday we didn’t have to stop for food at all. I had my 3 meals of Keto Chow that I ate, and everyone else had the remaining bacon and sausage for breakfast and the leftover heavy cream in some Keto Chow for lunch on the road. We had to stop for fuel once in Green River, Wyoming and to go “potty” a few times too. Here we are, safe and sound and back at work!

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