100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 72

This morning I need to go to my dentist and get a crown put onto a tooth, that’s fun stuff. I was just there 10 days ago! I did look at my logs and I’ve lost 4.5lbs since the last time I was there at the dentist, that’ll be fun when they ask =) I’m actually down 39.4 lbs from January 2 at this point.

I also donned my Zozo Suit this morning and took measurements. I have those in the “Zozo Suit” tab of my experiment spreadsheet, key takeaway: I’ve lost about 4 inches from my mid-section.

I also got my lab results back from the blood test I did in Colorado last week, turns out I’m still alive. My LDL (C and P) have come down quite a lot, unfortunately so has my HDL. I don’t really care about LDL but I do care about triglycerides (which are coming down, that’s good) and HDL (which should be much higher). I suspect it’ll continue down during the remainder of the avocado oil portion and come up drastically when I switch to butter as a fat source.

Yesterday I mixed up the next week’s worth of Keto Chow for the Avocado Oil plus MCT oil phase. I’m replacing 15ml of the avocado oil with MCT, so 45 + 15 = 60ml of oil still.

I did notice something during our trip to Colorado. When we mixed up the Keto Chow for people to sample, we used a 2-quart pitcher and an immersion blender to mix 3 meals at a time. When I mix up Keto Chow with avocado oil in a blender bottle by hand, just shaking it, the color comes through really strong compared to how it looks with heavy cream.

When I mix up Keto Chow with avocado oil with an immersion blender, the oil is emulsified a lot more and it looks really close to the same as the heavy cream. It also has a better texture and doesn’t separate out as much. Anyway, that’s how I did my mixing yesterday.

I would put a little water in the bottom of the pitcher, measure 3 meals worth of the oils and add them, add 3 scoops of powder, add water and blend it up, then add the rest of the water to the 2-quart mark and finish blending it. It was quick and effective.

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