100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 85

< 1 minute March 27, 2019
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Here we are, day 85, 17/20 through my experiment! Everything is going fine on the nutrition front – nothing much to report on that. I did answer a relevant question on the keto subreddit yesterday from a person that wanted to know if they can eat the same thing every day.

This morning I received my most recent blood test results. They’re interesting, to say the least. This week I was recovering from a cold AND I was using 45ml of Avocado Oil + 15ml of MCT oil in each shake. Compared to the previous 2 weeks where I was using only avocado oil, there was a MASSIVE change in my LDL (particularly small LDL) and my Triglycerides. My HDL has continued to go down (and likely won’t come up until I begin the butter portion later this week). You can get the full data from my shared spreadsheet.

You could also check out these two files: LDL-P Chris and Lipids Chris.


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