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Apr 4  ·  2 min read
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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 93

100 days of keto chow day 93

Can’t believe it’s day 93 already (and not butter… actually it is butter, yum!). It’s been interesting talking to people about Keto Chow, they’ll frequently ask if you can eat it for all of your meals if you’re just too lazy to cook. I’ll chuckle and say “actually yes, I’m on day X where it’s the only thing that I’ve eaten for all of my meals – since January 2” They usually blink a few times and have a TON of follow-up questions. Using your own product like this REALLY has some serious benefits for showing people that you mean what you say and truly believe in the product and what you claim it to be.

I got up and going early so I could come into the office and get a little bit of work (and this post/video) done before heading to the show again today. I’m not sure what we’re getting out of the convention. It’s more for large food manufacturers that are showing their stuff to supermarkets. The most frequent questions we get asked are “are you in the [associated foods] catalog?” and “are you in the [associated foods] warehouse?” Nope, we are not. We are in OUR warehouse and we have a forklift to load trucks. The prospect of going for retail is interesting but comes with a lot of overhead (figurative and literal) and I’m not sure it’s where we should devote some of our time and energy. Interestingly enough, one big takeaway for us is that the Ketogenic Diet (or “keto”) is now hitting the mainstream in a big way. Many of the people that we talked to were ones that are currently doing keto and were interested in Keto Chow for their own personal use (including people running bakeries and caramel businesses). We’re not allowed to sell at the show but several of the other smaller “local” vendors placed orders on our site last night, a few we’re shipping direct and one we’re bringing her order with us to the show today =)