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Aug 17  ·  < 1 min read
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100 meals of Keto Chow giveaway!

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We support a number of ways you can pay for Keto Chow: credit card, PayPal, cryptocurrency (bitcoin, etc…), and now there’s a new method we recently added called Tensile.

Tensile is rather new on the payment processing scene, but it’s a bit like using Venmo or PayPal.

  1. You create an account with Tensile.
  2. You link up your checking account to Tensile.
  3. If you select pay with Tensile at checkout, the payment goes through your bank account just like PayPal or Venmo. (It’s a debit transaction.)

Because of the way that payments are handled, Tensile charges WAY less than any other payment processor. People will often ask us if there’s a payment method that costs Keto Chow less; aside from paying with bitcoin, Tensile is the least expensive by far. It’s so much less expensive that we’re looking for ways to incentivize our customers to use it over credit cards (which is still fine if that’s what you prefer!). There are some technical challenges to offering a discount or more rewards program credits based on the payment method, but in the meantime, we got this:

100 meals of Keto Chow* giveaway (no purchase necessary)

There are two ways to enter the giveaway:

  1. Make a purchase at the Keto Chow website between August 17, 2022, and October 15, 2022, and use Tensile as the payment method.
  2. Visit the giveaway terms and conditions page and follow the directions!

Good luck!

*Technically it’s 105 meals of Keto Chow since the winner will get to pick five of the bulk meal bags (a $450 value!).