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13 things people on keto are tired of hearing

2 minute read • November 5, 2015

This is shamelessly stolen from this reddit post, with inline images.

  1. No carbs? Hah. I don’t think I could ever do that.reactions01
  2. But your body NEEDS carbs!reactions02
  3. Bacon every day? You’re going to kill yourself on that diet.reactions03
  4. You need to eat more fruit.reactions04
  5. So only whole grain bread, right?reactions05
  6. Good luck, you won’t be able to stay on that kind of diet very long.reactions06
  7. So what day is your cheat day?reactions07
  8. You can have ONE piece of cake, can’t you?reactions08
  9. I guess you’re just lucky / have good genes.reactions09
  10. But eating all that fat makes you fat!reactions10
  11. Fad diets don’t workreactions11
  12. What can you eat? Can you eat here?reactions12
  13. You’re losing too much weight / losing it too fast! reactions13

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