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Apr 18  ·  < 1 min read
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6 months of Keto


6 months of keto

Looks like it’s time for an update since I’ll be completing 6 months of Keto in 3 days. Dunno if I’ll reach 50 lbs, I’m at 48.3 pounds lost since I started.

I’ve lost 2 shirt sizes (XXL to L), gone from size 38 pants to… I need to buy new ones and they’ll probably be 34 or maybe even 32. I’m on my 4th new belt loop and I need to drill some more.

Last night we went to JCW’s for dinner. I got the 1lb burger as a lettuce wrap. The people we were with made a quip about artery clogging. Because none of the proported “evidence” of saturated fat causing health problems has ever been disproven… oh wait, ALL of it has? Weird.