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About the Business Cards that come in orders

< 1 minute June 21, 2016
keto chow. chris bair, owner keto chow LLC. (385) 645-5386

Back in March we started including business cards in the packages we ship out. It was my Wife’s idea (I think, might have been Heather’s idea originally).

There’s a discount code on the back but it only works once for each person, we continue sending them with each order so you’ll have a nice and easy way to explain to people that ask what is up with Keto Chow. Here’s a comment I got on an order this morning:

Please include a bunch of cards so I can hand em’ out to my friends and coworkers whom are interested in the “shake” that has allowed me to loose 45lbs.

THAT is why we put the cards in there =)


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