Amazing Analysis By Credit-Suisse On Fat In Diets

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Wait, who? (definitely not WHO, they’re so behind the times it’s laughable) Credit-Suisse. OK, I’m going to go ahead and just steal their description of themselves.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute identifies and provides insights on global themes and trends. Its objective is to provide our clients and the public with leading edge advice by leveraging internal and external expertise, thus reinforcing our integrated global bank approach.

So investment advice, from a bank.

On their Publications Page you’ll find a bunch of different economic reports, all extremely thorough and well researched. Along with info on traditional investments (like the Global Wealth Report) they have a couple that relate to health trends. Most notably “Sugar: Consumption at a Crossroads” and a more recently published “Fat: The New Health Paradigm” that I just read about 1/3 of. You can order hard copies of the reports or download the PDF for free. I’m amazed at how well put together the “fat” report was, I’ll have to check out the sugar one. I’m not likely to start investing anytime soon but the information follows research I’ve been reading since starting Keto: Fat (in particular saturated fat) is not the cause of heart disease, carbohydrates (in particular sugars) are the culprit. Credit Suisse presents this in an interesting manner, the end result being that apparently you should REALLY invest in an egg farm or in Indonesian palm kernel oil production.

It starts out strong from the summary and just keeps going, and going! If you have some time, read the first part at least, then buy an egg farm. And next time somebody freaks out about how much saturated fat I consume I have a new fount of information to send them.


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