Anniversary – 365 days (mostly) on DIY nutritionally complete “future foods”

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On January 13th, 2014 I mixed up my first batch of People Chow 2.3.0. Then I started mixing soylent and keto foods.

People Chow 2.3 wasn’t very good. It had a lot of almond meal in it that gave me heartburn and specified a particular brand of corn flour that was exceptionally difficult to find and was the only one on the market that wasn’t nixtamalized. The creator of the recipe, MaxK, soon updated it to v3.0 and then 3.0.1 which has been the recipe for almost a year now. It’s been an interesting year.

I’d have to say that eating (mostly) just soylent for the last year has been a great success. As I’ve noted in other posts I initially lost quite a bit of weight drinking only people chow, maintained it for quite some time, slacked off and ate other stuff too, gained a bunch on vacations and then started dropping it like crazy on ketogenic soylent. I’ve learned really a lot about diet and nutrition over the past year and even more about metabolism, ketogenic bodies, insulin and such since October.

So here’s to another year!


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