Best Keto Snacks On the Go for Hikers and Backpackers

5 minute read • June 1, 2022
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Hiking is a great way to get moving and get some fresh air in the great outdoors.  Whether you’re hiking for the day or for an extended trip, you’ll need to keep your energy up and keep the hike enjoyable. So check out our list of the best keto snacks on the go for short or long trips.

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Keep things light

man hiking

When packing for a hike, you’ll probably want to keep things as light as possible while still getting as much nutrition and energy as possible from the foods you do carry.

Hikers often rely on high-carbohydrate foods that are light and easy to carry (like dried fruit and instant noodles), but those foods are usually not what keto-ers will go for. Keto hikers should generally prioritize foods that are rich in fat and protein. 

Bring a dehydrator

dried jerky

For those who hike and camp a lot for long-term trips, investing in a dehydrator to dehydrate food at home may be a good option, especially if you garden, fish, and hunt. Make the most of the harvest by drying it and packaging it for your next hike.

Stay hydrated

woman drinking from water bottle

First things first, though, let’s talk about hydration. Water is important for all hikers, since dehydration is a concern for anyone walking, running, or climbing. But it’s even more of a concern on keto when the body doesn’t hold as much water as the body of someone eating a standard American diet.

Always carry enough drinking water to get through the planned hike–plus a little extra just in case a trip takes longer than expected. When hiking for an extended amount of time, bring a portable water purifier or water purifying tablets to ensure access to safe water.

Bring along instant coffee, tea bags, electrolyte drink mixes, or flavored water drops for beverages to keep things interesting. 

Keep your electrolytes balanced

electrolyte drops

Electrolytes are also essential for keto hikers, since keeping your electrolyte balance while physically active is very important particularly when in ketosis. A small bottle of electrolyte drops is perfect for travel, or even a small shaker of quality salt can help keep your electrolytes balanced.

Now that hydration is taken care of, let’s talk about food. 

Choose foods high in fat and protein

cutting board with meat

Fat and protein are the fuel keto hikers should rely on most. Even those who fast intermittently will want to carry some food to ensure they have sustenance if they should need it. It’s best to over prepare and bring a little extra food just in case of an unexpected detour or delay.

Short trips

woman on top of rock

When hiking for short trips of less than a day, fresh foods like hard cheeses, boiled eggs, cooked bacon, ripe avocados, bell pepper slices, guacamole in single serving containers, and fresh berries can be packed along with non-perishable foods for convenient meals. 

Keto Chow shakes and soups are always an option, as they are dry, shelf stable, easy to carry, and can serve as an entire meal. They offer quality protein, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. You can even bring a small amount of a powdered fat to make mixing even easier when you’re on the go.

Long trips

couple camping with camper

For long trips and overnight camping, prioritize dried, dehydrated, and freeze-dried foods that take up less space and keep well without refrigeration. Beef jerky, pemmican, low-carb protein bars, nuts, and seeds are all great options.

You can also pack small containers of coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil for Keto Chow, cooking, and adding fat to foods. 

Meat jerkies and protein bars

protein bars

Meat jerkies and protein bars are high in protein and (usually) quality fat, and low in sweeteners and added ingredients.

Plain nuts and seeds


Avoid nuts and seeds that have overly salty or sweet seasonings. Buy fresh, plain nuts and seeds and season them as needed. Single serve nut butter and fat packs are another good option. FBOMB Nut Butters were created for runners and athletes and are perfect for keto hikers. 

Pork rinds, chicken skins, and cheese crisps

pork rinds

Pork rinds, chicken skins, and cheese crisps are light and easy to carry, and they can be used for snacking and cooking. 

Tuna, salmon and more

olive branch

Tuna, salmon, olives, and pickles in shelf-stable vacuum packs are lighter than cans and easy to open with no equipment needed. They are a good way to carry protein and salt. 

Dark chocolate

dark chocolate

And don’t forget dark chocolate! It’s light, non-perishable, and easy to carry. Look for chocolate with at least 80% cocoa solids with no added oils or fats, or good quality, sugar-free dark chocolate. Avoid chocolate sweetened with maltitol and other sweeteners that might lead to digestive discomfort. Try new brands at home before taking them on the trail for best results. 

Make a keto-friendly trail mix


Make trail mix or granola with nuts, seeds, unsweetened coconut chips, cheese crisps, freeze-dried berries, sugar-free chocolate chips, pieces of beef jerky, freeze-dried vegetables. 

In Conclusion

man working out in the woods with Keto Chow

There are so many good options for keto hikers to stay healthy and well nourished while hiking; if you’re looking for something easy and shelf stable to bring, then definitely check out a shake mix like Keto Chow.

Remember to concentrate on water, fat, and protein while filling your pack and you’ll be prepared to enjoy your time in the great outdoors. 


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