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Beverly’s Week 10 (Week 4 of Science)

4 minute read • March 13, 2019

Another great week on this 100 day challenge is complete. In a sense, it is not even challenging. I am back to a mental place where this is easy, and I know longer feel extra hungry like I did last week. I had thought that the avocado oil was less filling for me but now I do not think that at all since I am having an easy week. I am sure that my body fluctuates and has differing levels of hunger sensations despite the fact that I am eating exactly the same amount and type of calories every single day and living at the exact same level of activity every week. That only makes sense but is frustrating when I feel more hungry.

Every weekday morning of this challenge (aside from the days I was out of town), I have packed my lunch box with one Keto Chow shake, two diet sodas, and three sparkling waters (because that is what fits in it perfectly!). I add some Blue Ice mini freezer blocks on top of the canned drinks. The front of my lunch box has a zipper pouch which perfectly contains my Keto Mojo supplies. With this, I am all set for the day though I usually buy more diet soda during my lunch break and/or from the vending machine in my office building. This is the same lunch box I used last week for my two-day trip with my husband. I placed six Keto Chow shakes in this box (three for each day) and used a different container to carry all my other beverages.

By yesterday morning’s scale reading, I have lost 15 pounds. But Tuesday morning, the scale indicated I had lost 16.2 so I am excitedly headed back there and beyond.

I recently said, “It really will not matter when the 100 day challenge is over – I am still going to be drinking Keto Chow every day!” The difference will be that I will usually drink it for two meals a day instead of three. Plus, I will not be tracking every calorie and data point with such precision and compulsion. I will no longer check my ketones and glucose every afternoon. I will no longer weigh myself every morning. And I will no longer go to LabCorp every Friday morning!

But there are still four weeks remaining… I am almost half way through the science portion of this project! I completed two weeks with heavy whipping cream and am now almost finished with avocado oil. Starting on Friday, I will be replacing a portion of the avocado oil with MCT oil. I will do that for two weeks followed by two weeks with butter.

MCT oil will be new for me. Other than measuring a tablespoon into my coffee every morning during a short phase a few years ago after a friend told me it gave her great energy, I have never used it. The bottle I had purchased back then was eventually discarded and now a new one has been purchased for use Thursday night when I do my meal prepping for the coming week. I am interested to see if MCT oil affects my energy level, if it upsets my digestion, if it changes any of my cholesterol numbers, or if anything else noticeable occurs.

My husband’s most recent favorite mix is Chocolate / Strawberry. His previous favorite had been Chocolate / Caramel. (The side photo shows an extra scoop of unflavored protein powder on top that I add to his shakes since his macros require more protein than mine do.) Last night, he mentioned a concern that we are using up our canister of Chocolate too quickly since he likes Chocolate mixed with ALL of his flavors. No worries – I plan ahead for such things and have three bags of Chocolate in the pantry. Chocolate is the only flavor I keep “stocked up” on. The other flavors are only ordered after they run out (or slightly before if I notice it and want to replace it right away), but Chocolate is a must-have. If we only ever had Chocolate, my husband would be fine with that. I like it but I enjoy several of the non-Chocolate flavors more and think they offer better variability for my tastes.

If you want to contact me, please post a comment on this page or remember you can easily find me through Facebook or Reddit.

p.s. If you are a numbers geek or want to see how the cholesterol lab tests are comparing, go look at Chris’ spreadsheet. I am “Female 3” and have my own tab. There are charts on a different tab named “100 Days of Keto Charts”.


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