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Beverly Jones
Feb 27  ·  2 min read
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Beverly’s Week 8 (Week 2 of Science)

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The recent flood of Keto Chow recipes being posted by Taffiny, Amanda, and Chris are killing me!  They all look so delicious and mostly doable – even for someone like me who can’t cook.  When I am on the blog site, I just have to slide my screen right on past those recipe posts and plan to come back to read them more closely after solid food is back on my menu.  If you have not checked out the recipes, I recommend starting here to see what I am talking about.

Another week of the science phase has not provided me anything interesting to report on the blog this week.  I continue to plod along.  Week 8 is closing soon and there are six weeks remaining.  It feels really good to be counting down the days and weeks as they pass by now that we are past the halfway point.  My scale weight did not change this week (but my weekly average weight went down again which is sweet!).

I did meet up with one of my sisters at a nearby restaurant on Saturday where I arrived a few minutes before she did.  I found myself fixated on the enticing salad descriptions.  All of a sudden, my mind snapped awake and said, “Stop looking at the menu, you fool!”  🙂  Then I had to just laugh at myself and find something else to look at.  (If you are starting to get the impression that I have lots of sisters, you are right!)

Being in restaurants while on a liquid diet has not been very difficult for me.  I do not feel the need to explain anything to anyone.  I order my beverage when it is time then simply say “nothing for me, thanks” when the waiter/waitress is taking meal orders.  I am truly NOT tempted to deviate from my current eating plan.  Sitting in a restaurant with someone else while they eat is somewhat uncomfortable though.  Even at home, that feeling is sometimes there – like when my husband is innocently snacking on nuts or meat/cheese.  The idea of chewing something tasty sure sounds good.  The desire to eat is there but the commitment to my eating plan is stronger.

Friday will be the start of using avocado oil as my fat source.  I will be scouring the Keto Chow sub on Reddit and the Facebook support group for tips on making Keto Chow shakes with avocado oil before I begin.  I make my husband’s shakes with avocado oil but he does not seem to mind the floating residue the way I do.  Maybe I can find a trick for how to successfully mix oil and water (ha!).

In a meeting I attended a few days ago, the speaker used the word “endurance” which caught my attention, and I jotted it down in my notes.  The definition reads, “the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way” and “the ability to sustain a prolonged stressful effort or activity”.  I like this word!  Perhaps the word endurance can be used to describe me and my efforts in this 100-day challenge…  I would really like to think so even though Keto Chow is not the least bit unpleasant.  🙂