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Taffiny Elrod
Mar 9  ·  3 min read
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Can you have coffee on keto?

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Can you have coffee on keto? There is no one definitive answer to this because everyone is different.

The best way to decide if drinking coffee is right for you is to track your own blood sugar levels and ketone levels when consuming caffeine and consult with your qualified health care provider. 

Making the most of your coffee

woman holding cup of coffee

Coffee is a safe, widely consumed beverage that is low in carbohydrates and calories when served plain. If there are no specific reasons for you to avoid it, you can enjoy it daily as part of a ketogenic lifestyle.

Here are some keto tips for making the most of your coffee consumption. 

Keto Chow

Keto-fy your coffee with Keto Chow. Keto Chow can be used in a multitude of ways to add sweet, creamy flavor, protein, and nutrition to your cup of joe!

The simplest way to use coffee with your Keto Chow is to prepare one serving as you usually would, but use coffee instead of water! The Keto Chow will act a lot like a creamer—but without all the sugar and other nasties! Or mix it up and make one of our recipes for barista-inspired coffee drinks. (Some of these are listed below!) 

You can even mix Keto Chow with powdered MCT oil and powdered cream to make a portable, all-in-one creamer. 

Keto Chow coffee recipes

Plain Black Coffee

black coffee

Plain black coffee may feel like a punishment if you’re used to coffee drinks with all the bells and whistles, but it’s the simplest way to drink coffee and once your taste buds adjust, it can be very good.

If you aren’t sure you like the idea, try a different method of coffee preparation to help you adjust. Turkish coffee, French press, and espresso are just some of the ways coffee can be brewed and enjoyed black that may be more palatable than standard, machine drip coffee. 


coffee and butter

What about butter? Adding butter to hot drinks isn’t a new thing. The goal is to emulsify the butter with the hot liquid so it becomes creamy and smooth.

To achieve this, the coffee should be hot, and the butter should be at cool room temperature, not melted. Use a blender, whisk, or frother to whip the butter into the coffee. 

Heavy Cream

heavy cream and coffee

Heavy cream is back and better than ever. If you aren’t sensitive to dairy, you can enjoy heavy cream in your coffee. 

MCT Oils

coconut oil

For therapeutic fat intake, adding MCT oils, or coconut oil to coffee is an option. Start with a small amount and build up slowly because MCTs can cause stomach upset when first introduced to the diet. 

Powdered Collagen

powdered collagen

Powdered collagen is another way to fortify coffee, it is flavorless, colorless, and doesn’t change the consistency of hot coffee. It does add dietary protein and can help ease the harshness of coffee on an empty stomach. 



Any keto-friendly sweetener can also be added to coffee. Concentrated liquid sweeteners like monk fruit, stevia, and sucralose in small squeeze bottles mix easily in hot or cold drinks and are convenient for travel. 

Things to Avoid

man holding coffee

There are a few things to avoid when you enjoy keto coffee. Read ingredient lists and nutrition labels diligently on prepared creamers, sugar-free syrups, prepared coffees, and menu items.

Milk, sugar, starches, poor quality oils, and additives are very common in coffee and coffee accompaniments, so be vigilant. It’s always easiest to order plain coffee or espresso when out and add sweetener and cream, or unsweetened nut/seed milks to taste. 

In Conclusion

woman holding mug

Being creative with coffee can be a lot of fun, and a cup of coffee can be a great go-to when you can’t find anything else keto-friendly on the menu.

Just be aware of how coffee affects you and whether it fits your lifestyle. Then enjoy it in good health!

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