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Can you have fruit on keto? Checkout the best low carb fruits!

4 minute read • April 6, 2022
hands holding fruit

Many people feel they must give up fruit when they start a keto way of life. While fruit may not fit in everyone’s keto plan, it can be included in most, when it’s done right. (So the good news is you can still enjoy the fun, refreshing flavor, fiber, and antioxidants found in fruit.)

Here are some ways to keep the carbs low while enjoying the nutritional benefits of fruit 

Coconuts, olives and avocados


Coconuts, olives, and avocados are the trifecta of fatty fruits that are welcome in almost every keto diet. They are in a special category of their own, as culinary powerhouses offering a wealth of healthy fats and nutrition with a myriad of ways to include them in delicious keto meals.

These whole fruits and their oils can be used in all kinds of cooking and baking to increase flavor, satiety, and high quality fat in many almost every form imaginable. 



Berries are one of the lowest carb fruits to choose, which is fantastic because they are convenient to incorporate into meals, easy to keep on hand, and high in antioxidants. Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are all good choices. Blueberries are slightly higher in carbs but can still be enjoyed according to your macronutrient needs.

Don’t forget lower carb berries like cranberries and gooseberries can be incorporated into baked goods, sauces, and low-carb preserves.

Buy fresh berries when they are in season and on sale, then store them in the freezer for smoothies, desserts, salad dressings, and more. 

Citrus fruits

lemons on branch

Citrus fruits like lemons and limes are low in sugar, flavorful, and high in vitamin C. As little as a teaspoon of citrus juice can add flavor and freshness to sweet and savory dishes. Citrus zest adds punch and irresistible aroma to baked goods. Look for citrus like Meyer lemons, key limes, and yuzu for more variety.


cantaloupe in a bowl

Melons might not be on your keto radar, but they are low enough in carbohydrates to be enjoyed in small amounts. They provide cooling refreshment when the weather is warm and can help satisfy sweet cravings.

Cantaloupe is one of the lowest carbohydrate melons, honeydew and watermelon are reasonably low in carbs too. Add melon to salads, freeze for use in refreshing beverages, or pair ripe watermelon with salty feta cheese and fresh mint leaves for a sunny summer lunch. 

Fruits that are technically vegetables


You may already be eating fruit in your daily meals without even realizing it. Tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, and squash are all technically fruit if you want to get botanical about it. They offer many of the same nutritional benefits of other fruits, like antioxidants, fiber, and hydration with lower carb counts. 

Tropical fruit

star fruit

Star fruit or carambola is a tropical fruit that is low in carbs too. It is crisp, light in flavor, and has an appealing star shape when sliced that makes it great for salads, desserts, and decorating platters. A medium star fruit contains 6g total carbs. Star fruit is not recommended for anyone suffering from kidney disease, however. 


cutting rhubarb

Rhubarb isn’t technically a fruit but is used in similar ways, such as in pies and desserts. It has a tart, tangy flavor and a soft texture that can help replace fruits. Combined with strawberries, it makes a classic spring dessert. Look for fresh or frozen rhubarb. Do not eat the leaves of the rhubarb plant, as they can be toxic. 

So, can you have fruit on keto?

woman eating coconut

Yes, you can eat fruit on a keto diet. There are many ways to include fruits in meal plans and special occasions. Fruit in all its low-carb forms offers flavor, variety, fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and important hydration to keep you healthy and happy on your keto journey. 

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Looking for a sweet, low carb alternative to your favorite fruits?

man drinking keto chow

If you’re missing your sweet, delicious fruits that are too high in carbs to incorporate into your keto diet, consider checking out Keto Chow. Keto Chow has over 30 flavors of shake mixes that taste delicious but without all the carbs of other foods. For example, you could try Orange Cream or Orange Mango Keto Chow if you’re looking for that sweet, fruity fix.

Keto Chow meal replacement shakes are customizable, too. Get the macros you want without compensating on flavor. Simply add your choice of fat (butter, avocado oil, heavy whipping cream, etc.), around two cups of water and a serving of Keto Chow into a BlenderBottle. Then shake, refrigerate and enjoy!


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