Chef Taffy’s Keto Pantry Essentials

Keto Pantry Essentials

So, you’ve gone keto, done a cupboard clean-out, and now you may be wondering if you even need a pantry anymore! You may be visiting the pantry less often in your new keto lifestyle, but there are some essential items you’ll want to restock your pantry. Here are recommendations for some items that you can build on to curate your own dream keto pantry. 

Start with salt that tastes good and includes trace minerals; try smoked salt, or herbed salt for even more flavor. High quality fats are a must, of course. Use naturally refined coconut oil in place of shortenings. A granulated sweetener is important for baking; an erythritol blend you like is the most convenient and economical choice. 

Here’s a list of some of my keto pantry go-tos.

  • RS1637_IMG_9641 @taylorrains321-lprKeto Chow – savory and sweet
  • Salt – naturally harvested with no additives
  • Almond flour and coconut flour 
  • Whole flax seeds or chia seeds
  • Granulated sweetener – I use an erythritol blend for baking and cooking
  • Coconut oil – virgin and refined 
  • Refined avocado oil 
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • MCT oil powder 
  • Hot sauces – free from sugars and fruits
  • Mustards – free of flour and sugars
  • Vinegars – apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, unseasoned rice wine vinegar
  • Fish sauce, soy sauce, or coconut aminos
  • Canned coconut cream – free of additives
  • Pickles and olives – free from sugars and starches
  • Unsweetened almond or similar milk substitute – in aseptic carton
  • Plain pork rinds/crumbs


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