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Day 004 – 100 days of Keto (Chow)

2 minute read • January 7, 2016
troll face
  • Weight: 207.6
  • Blood ketones: 1.0 mmol/L

Totally got trolled by my scale today. For review, yesterday I was up a bit at 208.9; today I weighed myself and it said 202.4 – I doubt I lost 6 lbs overnight.

So I tried again, same thing, so I picked up the scale and shook it a bit. Now it said 182? OK, so finally I picked it up and stuck it in the middle of the tile…. and it finally decided to cooperate =)

Yesterday I ended up with 1 peanut butter Keto Chow and 2 banana+chocolate. People ask me frequently if Keto Chow tastes good. Last night my wife was drinking a Chocolate Peanut Butter one and our 6 year old saw it, then pled with her to let him drink the rest; which is exactly what he did. I’d say: yes Keto Chow tastes good =)

Interesting personal experience: for several months I’ve been eating Keto Chow at least 2 times a day, often 3; though on weekends it averaged 1 since we were making keto friendly food with the kids. I started 100% keto chow (with hardly anything else except diet soda) on Monday, January 4.

TMI warning!

I didn’t expect to have a run with “never trust a fart” since I was regularly consuming Keto Chow already but it may have a lot to do simply with being deep in ketosis again, I don’t know. So yes, yesterday whenever I needed to step on “barking spiders” I would do it seated. A couple times it was a false alarm, others I was happy where I was. The good news is: it appears to be going away, just like it’s supposed to. Hopefully everything will be hunky-dory today. So for future reference, if you’re having bowel problems: try eating regular keto friendly food for a meal each day.


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