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Day 020 – 100 days of Keto (Chow)

< 1 minute January 23, 2016
  • Weight: 207.9
  • Blood ketones: 0.3 mmol/L

Fasting all day yesterday worked well. And the meat (bacon, bacon and more bacon) at Rodizio was yummy.

The photo above was my salad before the meat even started coming around. About an hour after I got home I had a lull and decided I should run. I did my regular 30 minute run and felt pretty good, in large part due to not stuffing myself until I was dying at dinner.

Today was mixing day, did 50 each of Vanilla and Rich Chocolate weeks plus some of the other flavors. Also today I had Rich Chocolate Keto Chow for breakfast, lunch and I’m having it for dinner too, back in the saddle again.


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