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Day 052 – 100 days of Keto (Chow)

< 1 minute February 24, 2016
PrecisionXtra blood ketone test strips
  • Weight: 205.3
  • Blood ketones: 0.6 mmol/L

Still down compared to last week, sticking to (almost) 100% Keto Chow is working well. I have another weigh-in for the city weight loss challenge today.

It shouldn’t be hard for me to be lower than last week since that was +4 lbs compared to the prior week. Even though I was terribly tired I ran on the treadmill last night. I’m still tired today but at least it’s my last day at work for this week (tomorrow I’m going to an off-site and I have Friday off; four 10s FTW!)

This morning I got a chance to test out the ketone strips on the Precision Xtra blood tester. I’m worried the ketone strips for the Nova Max aren’t being accurate so today I did both. The Precision Xtra uses a LOT more blood so to do both from the same “poke” I needed quite a bit of blood, that wasn’t fun. End result:

  • Nova Max – 0.5mmol/L
  • Precision Xtra – 0.6mmol/L

That’s close enough, looks like it might be accurate – which is a good thing since I still have about US$100 in Nova Max ketone test strips for the reamining 48 days of this “experiement”


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