Dymatize Protein and availability woes

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The photo is about half of the Peanut Butter packages we mixed last night, waiting to be sealed. I decided it looked kinda cool so I took a picture.

Something that I’ve been concerned about lately is the availability of the various flavors of Dymatize (which is a central component of Keto Chow – it’s what sets the flavor). My preferred supplier is out of stock on all the 10lb boxes and most of the 5lb bottles. My secondary, tertiary and other suppliers are also pretty much completely out of stock. My guess is it has to do with Dymatize closing its Texas production plant and contracting with “co-packer” facilities and they’re not coming on-line as quickly as they would like.

I’ve had 2 flavors go out of stock now: Strawberry (update: it’s back in stock) and Mocha (completely out of stock except day packages). I’m still looking to find some place that has either of these but it’s not looking very good with most places reporting they should have some stock in about 10 days. Rich Chocolate has been particularly fun to maintain stock since it’s what I use for Chocolate Peanut Butter as well as the regular Rich Chocolate, the 3rd and 1st most popular flavors (#2 is vanilla). I’ve taken to buying out the inventory of any place I can find 10lb or 5lb containers. Last night I had a friend helping me get some Keto Chow mixed up. If I remember correctly, we mixed 220lbs of Rich Chocolate (half was for peanut butter), 80lbs of Vanilla, 30lbs of Cookies and Cream. With any luck that will be enough to hold us over past Thanksgiving but I’m suspecting it won’t.


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