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30 easy and satisfying keto dessert recipes

5 minute read • August 17, 2022
couple eating dessert

Choosing to eat healthier and live a keto lifestyle doesn’t mean that treats are off the menu!

Here are some of our favorite easy keto dessert recipes that come together quickly and easily so that you won’t have to wait long to satisfy your sweet tooth…with no sugar in sight.

1. Raspberry Cheesecake Fluff

cheesecake fluff

You basically take a bunch of delicious ingredients. Then blend them into something even tastier that tastes like a sweet, fruity cloud. Boom, done.+

2. Orange Cream Dreamsicles

keto dreamsicles

Okay, so this might be cheating a little bit because you do have to wait for them to freeze. But your freezer basically does all the work. With only a few minutes of hands-on time, you’ll have a set of creamy ice pops waiting for you.

3. White Chocolate Cheesecake Truffles

cheesecake truffles

This has to be the best kept secret in the culinary world. Truffles look and taste crazy fancy, but they are so friggin’ easy! 

4. Pumpkin Spice Bonbons

pumpkin bonbons

All the comforting flavors of fall in one delicious bite, ready in a matter of minutes.

5. Cookie Dough

cookie dough

Everybody knows that cookie dough is better than cookies (if not…pretty sure you’re lying), and now you can have some without the sugar, gluten, or carbs.

6. Pistachio Butter Cookies

pistachio bake cookies

Okay, but if you do actually cookies that are, you know…cooked, these nutty butter cookies are super easy. Most of the time they require is hands off, but they are 100% worth it.

7. No Bake Cookies

no bake cookies

Still on the cookie theme…we have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like classic no bake cookies. This version has all that flavor and texture of the traditional cookie…but keto-fied!

8. Fruity Jelly Cups

fruit gelatin

Gelatin takes time to set, but comes together quickly and easily for a super satisfying dessert with endless possibilities.

9. Birthday Mug Cake

birthday mug cake

Look, sometimes you just need some emergency cake. We’ve been there. This mug cake has got you covered. Trust us.

10. Strawberry Chia Pudding

chia pudding

Are you the dessert-for-breakfast type? We got you.

11. Chocolate Chip Chaffles

chocolate chip chaffle

Are you the dessert-for-breakfast type and want more options than just chia pudding? We still got you.

12. Cookies and Cream Brownies

cookies and cream brownies

It’s like three desserts in one. Ice cream, dark chocolate cookies, and brownies. It doesn’t get better than that, really.

13. White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

white chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries taken to the next level.

14. Cannoli Dip

keto cannoli dip

This fun (and versatile!) dessert dip is easy to make, and deceptively decadent with oodles of rich flavor. A surefire way to make the end of any meal more satisfying.

15. Butterscotch Cookies

banana butterscotch cookies

Studded with butterscotch chips, these cookies boast a sweet, toasty flavor and a delicate texture.

16. Sesame Tea Cakes

tea cakes

The perfect accompaniment to a late cup of tea.

17. Mango Mousse

ginger turmeric mango mousse- featuring orange mango keto chow

This mousse brings a punch of anti-inflammatory goodness with bright tropical flavor.

18. Apple Pie Mug Cake

apple pie mug cake

This mug cake is a deluxe version, but it’s worth the extra few minutes to get a silky texture and rich flavor.

19. Fat Bombs

Cream colored Fat Bombs on a white plate, surrounded by caramels and a stick of butter.

These on-the-go desserts are perfect for someone looking for an energy booster without the added sugar.

20. Banana Blondies

Banana Blondies with Chocolate Chips

A one-bowl wonder that comes together with ease.

21. Lime Ice Pops

coconut popsicles

Coated in crispy, toasted coconut, these ice pops taste like summer on a stick!

22. Root Beer Float Cups

root beer dessert cups

A delicious dessert that’s ready in minutes with a few simple ingredients. Perfect for an afternoon treat.

23. Egg Cream

egg cream

The good old-fashioned fountain drink goes keto with plenty of healthy fat from coconut milk.

24. Pumpkin Cheesecake Shake

Ultimate Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Shake

This shake is like a delicious pumpkin cheesecake in a glass. A filling, nutritious keto meal in the guise of a treasured dessert, pumpkin season doesn’t get much better than this.

25. Lemon Custard

lemon custard

A sweet and sour dessert that can cool you off any summer day.

26. Strawberry Lemonade Ice Pops

yogurt pops

A fun, easy, protein packed snack. (You can even freeze them for a cooling summer treat!)

27. Salted Caramel Cookies

salted caramel cookies

Salty yet sweet, these cookies pair well with a scoop of keto ice cream.

28. Pecan Pralines

root beer pecan pralines

The root beer, caramel and pecans make a wonderfully subtle flavor combination in these classic pralines. Make these for a special occasion or as a luxurious treat for an afternoon cup of coffee or tea.

29. Orange Chocolate Fudge

chocolate fudge

Miss having chocolate covered oranges? Well miss them no more with this delicious citrus treat.

30. Lemon Snap Cookies

snap cookies

Light, crisp and packed with a lemon punch, these cookies pair well with puddings.


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