Electrolyte Supplements – Individual “Rip Packs” available for all 3 varieties

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We’re happy to announce that we now have pouches of ready-to-go individual serving size packets of the different Keto Chow Electrolyte Supplements. We had a limited quantity of the Electrolyte Drops but now we have them for the Fasting Drops and Magnesium Drops as well. You might be thinking: “wait, what are these?” it’s a tear-open individual serving. The Electrolyte Drops and Magnesium Drops are smaller and sized for a typical 16oz or 500ml water bottle. The Fasting Drops are about right for a 32 ounce or 1 liter bottle (or double dose in a 16oz/500ml bottle, which is what I do).

There are 50 of the smaller packets of the Electrolyte Drops or the Magnesium Drops and 25 of the larger Fasting Drops packets in each pouch.


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