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Facebook Live recording from Dec 11, 2018

< 1 minute December 11, 2018

Each week, we do our FaceBook live broadcast – then we upload it to YouTube from the recording on the camera at a much higher quality.

Topics for this week include:

  • Chocolate Mint is on sale
  • Chocolate Mint Meltaways
  • Magnesium Drops
  • That’s it! We’re doing a conference.
  • Doing Keto is Disneyland – what to bring (yes, Keto Chow but what else?)
  • What’s the deal with MCT oil?
  • Questions about preparation: using a scale to make measuring easier
  • How do you get more protein with Keto Chow? Should you use more protein?

Here is the high-quality recording that we posted on YouTube

Or, if you prefer, here is the original Facebook video with the viewer comments from the live broadcast.


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