Facebook Live recording from July 9, 2019

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Every week we do a live broadcast where we answer questions, talk about fun stuff, and more! Here is the high-quality recording straight from the camera in UHD4K

We talked about:

  • Chocolate Mint is on sale this week
  • How did the move go? We are in our new place and trying to work out the kinks.
  • We’re doing the 7-day Keto Chow only challenge with the 2KrazyKetos
  • We had a friend on facebook support group say she has been strict and has been doing the Keto Chow shakes for about 3 weeks and she got on the scale and has gained 4 lbs – what might the cause be?
  • How to find the right amount of fat for you. Size 15 shoes work for me so don’t you think they will work for you? You need to figure out how much fat works for you and what kind of fat.
  • Recalculating macros on cronometer. One lady said she thinks her macros are not right. She thought it was too much fat for her and not enough protein.
  • Exogenous ketones, when they’re useful – when they’re not in our opinion.
  • Tomorrow’s give away is Leanne Vogel’s new book. It is a 48 hour giveaway.
  • If you leave your shake in your sink or somewhere in the blender bottle how to get them cleaned? First of all, always rinse them out ASAP.
  • Lynn wants to know how long our shakes are good in the fridge mixed up.
  • Someone thinks the electrolytes taste bad in just plain water. What can you do to make them taste better?
  • Can you do keto with a gallbladder removed?

Here is the facebook live recording that went up on Facebook, complete with the user comments:


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