Fixing Keto Chow that’s too salty and/or too thick

You keep hearing how amazing Keto Chow is, the reviews are fantastic… but you mixed it up and it’s super thick and it’s WAY too salty – what’s going on? Was everyone lying? No, you just need to add more water!

On the Keto Chow instructions, it says to add 14 ounces (or more) of water, sometimes that gets interpreted to “mix to 14 ounces total” and if you do that it’s going to be WAY too thick and unbearably salty. It’s going to be GROSS. What you need to do is add more water, most people like the taste and thickness when the total mixture is around 20 ounces, or a nearly full Blender Bottle. If your Keto Chow is already mixed up and not the way you like it, just add more water!

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