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Jan 9  ·  < 1 min read
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For Fun I Tried Making Keto Chow Cookies

Just for fun I decided to see what making Keto Chow into a solid would be like. Presenting: Keto Chow cookies.

I did People Chow cookies several months ago so I thought I’d try that form. I just put a meal’s worth of powder into a bowl, added the oil and the heavy cream and mixed it up.

Mixing up the oil, cream and powder
Mixing up the oil, cream and powder
“dough” mixed up and ready
Ready for baking
Ready for baking, 10min @350
The Finished, baked, cookies
The Finished, baked, cookies

It’s hard to see in the above picture of the finished “cookies” but they’re sitting in a pool of oil that came out during cooking. Mixed up liquid Keto Chow tastes sweet like a milk shake (kinda) but the sweeteners in the protein don’t seem to be doing much in baked form. I’m not sure if it’s because the stuff didn’t actually dissolve in the little water that was in the cream or what. In the end, the potassium citrate and salt ended up making them markedly salty. They’re not awful but the liquid form is better.

I’ll probably try it again but I might try not cooking or maybe with an egg added in too. I’ll also likely use the vanilla flavor instead of the chocolate mint (can’t even taste the mint in the baked form).