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For my own future reference: Exporting custom data from MyFitnessPal

< 1 minute May 28, 2015

I got a ketonix breath acetone meter and I’m wanting a way to track stuff.

I also have arriving shortly a blood glucose/ketone tester (with the way overpriced test strips) and I wanted a way to track blood ketone levels and breath acetone levels. After looking for tools that do this that aren’t just an excel spreadsheet I came back to custom measurements in MyFitnessPal. You can create a new measurement and give it any label you want. Then MFP will make a groovy graph. I’m going to be comparing blood ketone to breath acetone and try to figure out the correlation so I’m going to have to massage the data.

I found a way to export the custom measurements into an XML file. It requires messing around with the data once it’s imported but works fairly well. It was simple to pull weight data for the last 365 days(that link will open your own data if you’re logged into MFP). So now I can track measurements on a mobile app as well as a web site. Cool beans.


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