Fun with Graphs & Keto Weight

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While it’s not as fun as “Fun with Flags” here are some fun graphs. Here’s my weight since I started doing keto.

High spot is 257.8, this morning I was 238.0 (Thursday I was 235 but I ate a LOT of shrimp and prime rib on Friday):

Weight graph

I got myself and my wife each a Jarv Premium Bluetooth® 4.0 Smart Heart Rate Monitor and have been using to track workouts (mostly treadmill and elliptical). They do a really good job and were half or less the cost of comparable ones. They work great with our phones and appear to be very accurate. Digifit tracks time, heart rates and the like and has some cool dashboards. The graph above is calories burned while wearing the heart rate monitor. Did pretty well last week, we’ll see how well this week goes.

Digifit Calories

There was a reddit thread last night that caused a lot of interest in official and DIY soylent – and a pretty massive surge in visits to my site. It was pretty funny to see the stats going a little crazy. Below is site traffic according to WordPress:

wordpress stats

Here is site traffic according to Google Analytics:

google stats

You can see in increased database queries on the backend:


But it’s not nearly enough to significantly impact the load on the processors:



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