Happy day: Chocolate Keto Chow is back in stock (and with a larger scoop!)

We just got in a new batch of Chocolate Keto Chow. This particular shipment comes with a change: the scoop is bigger.

To get the absolute most accurate measurement of your Keto Chow, it’s best to use a scale to weigh it; that’s actually what happens to the samples of Keto Chow, each one is weighed and must be within 3% of the target. Scales are far more accurate than trying to cram the powder inĀ just right to get the correct mass. When I did a test of the v2.1 chocolate to the new 2.5 chocolate to check for differences in the taste, the biggest takeaway was that the 90cc scoops we had been using were only yielding an average 45g compared to the 48.96g it should give – to handle that change we’re now using 100cc scoops in the chocolate.

Heading image is Samantha Dillard’s Chocolate Peppermint Fudge – one of many recipes you can make with Chocolate Keto Chow

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