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May 24  ·  2 min read
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Having issues with Keto Chow Clumping? We have some solutions for you!


In version 2.1.1 of Keto Chow, we changed the protein powder to one that tastes a little better but does not have lecithin in it.

Lecithin slows down how quickly the protein absorbs water making it more forgiving to mix. In version 2.5.0 we are/will be going back to a lecithninated/instantized protein powder. If you have v2.1.1 or 2.1.2 and are having problems with clumping, here are some tips to help you mix easier.

  1. The most effective way to handle the problem is to go straight for using butter as the fat source.

    Because you are using warm water and melted butter, all of the issues with clumping simply go away. On top of that, you get all of the additional benefits of butter:

    • Butter costs less than Heavy Cream or Avocado Oil. Using pricing from my local grocery store I get $1.229 per 1000 calories for HWC, $0.981 for AO, and $0.796 per 1000 calories for butter. That same 1000 calories of butter have 0.08g of total carbs compared to 8.35g for the HWC.
    • Butter does not contain any controversial carrageenan or other emulsifiers you find in Heavy Whipping Cream. Personally, I don’t care about them but some people get quite “excited” about them.
    • Butter has a better impact on my blood markers.
    • Butter is easier to store, it freezes exceptionally well and is compact.
    • Butter is easier to transport. The salted variant is quite stable without refrigeration for a good amount of time, it won’t spill (unless you get it too warm =), it’s not in a glass bottle that will shatter. Should also be noted that TSA currently doesn’t care about butter, unlike a bottle of oil.
    • Butter tastes amazing. Personally, I prefer the salted butter because of the additional sodium and salty taste, especially in the chocolate flavors of Keto Chow (Chocolate, Mint, Toffee, Peanut butter, etc…
  2. Avocado Oil tends to be more difficult to mix than Heavy Cream, if you want to use Avocado Oil you’ll likely want/need to use either a blender or an immersion blender
  3. When you go to mix Keto Chow, if you’re using a blender bottle, you need to have the water nearby so you can immediately mix it. You need to add the water and begin vigorous mixing within 2-3 seconds of adding the powder to the bottle. This is covered in rather exhaustive detail on the “How to Prepare Keto Chow” page and the accompanying video.