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Heavy Cream Powder, still not really suitable for Ketosis

< 1 minute November 1, 2016
heavy cream powder

UPDATE: I have more complete information available now, check it out!

Something that has been asked a lot: is there a powdered cream that can be used with Keto Chow? People would like it to just add water.

I explored this earlier with a different product – and I’m drawing the same conclusion on this one: not suitable (in my opinion).

The product in question is “Anthony’s Heavy Cream Powder” – it’s available on Amazon for $12.99 a lb. The Nutrition label shows 0g of carbs per 4g serving because anything under 0.5 gets rounded down to 0. I contacted the manufacturer and was able to get a more accurate number: 0.48g per 4g serving. I put that into my recipe calculator and came up with this handy comparison showing the powdered form vs what it would cost to get heavy cream by the quart from Wal-Mart:

calories/day form amount cost carbs from cream final net carbs
1300 calories powder 109g $3.12 13.1 19.4
1800 calories powder 176g $5.04 21.1 27.4
2000 calories powder 203g $5.81 24.4 30.7
1300 calories liquid 238ml $1.42 6.6 12.9
1800 calories liquid 383ml $2.28 10.7 17
2000 calories liquid 441ml $2.63 12.3 18.6

So, if you use the powder, you are going to have a really hard time staying in ketosis unless that’s all you’re eating all day since it has 2x the net carbs as the liquid version. You’re also going to be paying a lot for the convenience, about twice as much. Don’t get me wrong: it is possible to use this for the primary calorie and fat source of Keto Chow and thereby have a powder that just needs water (and refrigeration); it’s just not very practical.


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