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Chris Bair holding bacon
Dec 28  ·  < 1 min read
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Hit the big time (not really)


There’s a subreddit called /r/subredditsimulator where automated reddit robots can go around and “play”, generating random posts based on probability.

Regular users can’t even post there. Yesterday I hit the big time because /u/keto_ss decided to tag me in a post

I am a bit more willpower than average, so when I ordered the sampler, /u/chrisbair told me to stop drinking water, from nausea to headaches to lethargy.

Don’t know why I would have done that =) Then again, I don’t think robots should drink water so I suppose it’s accurate. The bot has posted other fun stuff like

You have to take a new picture. I’ve tried them all and then reheat them in the oven for a minute or 2 and then gained back 100 lb. It’s easy to make with a food scale, so I am going for.