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I’ll give shipping keto food a shot

< 1 minute November 18, 2014

So I was asked if I am shipping keto food. I’ll give it a shot, especially since customers want to try a low carb diet.

My stance up until now was that I wouldn’t and mainly because of the logistics of getting the oil to people. MCT oil is a rather specialized product that’s very difficult to find away from the Interwebs. MCT oil is also a critical component of ketosis. It gets you into ketosis quicker, helps you maintain ketosis and is very expensive.

We talked back and forth about some stuff and I asked him if he would prefer a more expensive option that included the oil or cheaper powder without the oil. His response was something I actually hadn’t considered. He said he was looking for a low-carb option but wasn’t “hell bent” on ketosis.


Including the oil is more convenient for the end user. It’s all there, no additional stuff is required (except some way to measure the oil). Not including the oil opens up additional options for your own customization (you want MCT+Olive? MCT+Canola? Skip the MCT and go straight canola?). It also reduces complexity and even reduces cost: the Oil is shipped once to you by amazon or whatever instead of coming to me and getting repackaged and shipped.

So this actually sounds viable. What do you think? let me know.

Oh, and I added https to the site for all pages. Secure server, YAY!


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