Introducing S’mores Keto Chow!

If you thought your days of marshmallow-chocolatey goodness were behind you, think again! Our newest flavor, S’mores Keto Chow, is available to purchase now.

When we asked you earlier this summer what flavors you’d like to see from us, S’mores was one of the most frequent flavor requests that we received. S’mores Keto Chow has a perfectly toasted marshmallow flavor, with a hint of chocolate and graham cracker, delivering some cozy campfire nostalgia–and also happens to be a complete keto meal full of nutrition with only 0.73 net carbs.

This is a limited-edition flavor, and is only available in the single meal bags. We want to make sure you don’t miss out on trying the newest flavor in our lineup. Order yours today and we’re sure you’ll want…well, s’more!

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