Introducing the Chow Club – Monthly Meal Box

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Our new Chow Club – Monthly Meal Box takes the work out of staying keto with automatic shipments that will keep your keto corner stocked! When you join, you will receive a curated collection of Keto Chow meals, delivered at the beginning of each month WITH FREE SHIPPING (within the 48 contiguous United States) PLUS special surprises like early access to new flavors and exclusive swag!

This is the BEST consistent price you’re going to find!

To become a member of the Chow Club, please note there is a cut-off for new members on the 15th of each month so we can ship the boxes in time to arrive by the 1st of the month. (For example, if you create a subscription on May 15, you’ll get the June box; if you create a subscription on May 16, you will receive your first box in July.)

So what can you expect when you sign up for the Chow Club?

  • The 30 Meal Box will have 1 bulk meal bag, along with 9 single meal bags of various flavors. These flavors will vary from month to month.
  • The 60 Meal Box will have 2 bulk meal bags, along with 18 single meal bags of various flavors. These flavors will vary from month to month.
  • Recipe cards!
  • We’re also going to be sending one “surprise” item with each box. For example:
    • Early access to any new Keto Chow flavors! Chow Club members will be the first to try new flavors before they are released to the public.
    • Keto Chow branded swag.
    • Additional keto products.
    • Note you will only receive one surprise item whether you choose the 30 Meal Box or 60 Meal Box.
  • The contents of your box will be a mystery until it arrives, but it’ll always be fun and will be discounted over buying the components individually.

What if I don’t LIKE one of the flavors? What if I’m allergic to one of the flavors?

  • The bundle may contain any of our flavors. If you are allergic to peanuts, eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, caffeine, or anything else in Keto Chow, you may need to be prepared to gift those flavors to someone else. If you have a SEVERE allergy to any Keto Chow ingredient, we recommend NOT subscribing to the Chow Club.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to offer returns or exchanges for items in the Chow Club. If a package is damaged, we will very happily replace that. Keep in mind that as a member, you’ll end up getting all of the flavors. If this is a concern, we recommend that you NOT subscribe to the Chow Club – Monthly Meal Box.
  • Similar to our subscription service, you can easily pause your membership or skip a month.

When you become a member of the Chow Club, you are eligible for the following discount structure:

  • Your first box will be 10% off the total value (what it would cost to buy the components individually)
  • For the second renewal, the discount will increase to 12% off
  • For renewals 3+, the discount will further increase to 15% off for subsequent months!

Note that the 60 Meal Box contains the same percentage savings as the 30 Meal Box, plus an additional $10 off.

Please also note that you cannot use any other discounts, rewards points, coupons, etc. with the subscriptions. You can earn rewards points with the Chow Club, however.

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