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Just a quick (nice) rant

< 1 minute December 28, 2014

I’ve long maintained that participating in this community and also working along with the community is really nice.

Overall (and in most instances specifically) everyone is super agreeable. When enough people asked that I decided to I start mixing people chow for people one of my major concerns was dealing with jerks.

To date I have YET to deal with a jerk, I can’t decisively say that fear was unfounded but it seems so. I have always maintained that I seem to be dealing with a bunch of people that are pretty similar to me and I’ve always tried to operate the selling stuff as if I was one of the customers. There’s a delay? Send an email. Send tracking info for all packages. Don’t be a jerk (myself to the people I’m mixing for).

So here’s where this rant comes from (background over): Yesterday I got an order from a guy with a note saying that I had accidentally sent him an extra week and the order was paying for the extra week and was therefore already complete, have a nice day.

I was stunned.

I hope we can all be that awesome. Anyhow, rant over. Thanks for not being jerks and being cool.


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