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Chris Bair holding bacon
Jun 14  ·  < 1 min read
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Keeping the kids alive until Mom gets home

chris and children

This week my wife and 3 of our kids are at a girl’s camp, so I’m working from home so there’s somebody here in case something explodes… or somebody looks at the 6 year old wrong and the world ends. Last night I was buying food for my wife to take (camping while doing keto can be challenging if you’re the only one doing it). I was going to grab some easy frozen food so I could have the 3 that are staying with me stay alive and healthy – then I remembered that I have this tasty drink that I make and the kids are always stealing.

Disclaimer: Keto Chow is not designed for children, that said it’s better than the frozen pizza and corn dogs I was going to buy (yes very low bar).

For lunch they were dead set on making turkey lettuce wraps (thereby stealing my low carb tortillas) but I put a stop to that, told them I had a surprise for lunch. When I brought out the blender bottles, my youngest said “Keto Chow, ooh yeah!’

Between the 3 of my kids and the neighbor kid that was over playing, they drank 2 containers. I told them they get to vote and pick out the flavors for tomorrow since today it’s all Snickerdoodle.

Speaking of flavors, since I put the Banana and Butter Toffee samples on sale they’ve been moving steadily, just today somebody decided to buy half of what I had left of the banana. In related news we found a week of banana hiding in the snickerdoodle so I put it back in stock with a quantity of 1.