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Aug 9  ·  2 min read
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Keto Chow 1.5 Recipe

visit info.ketochow.xyz/nutrition for keto chow nutrition information

I get asked fairly regularly why I have the recipe for Keto Chow open for anyone to use. Well, it makes me look cool. OK, the recipe is also the result of information I gleaned from other open recipes so not releasing the recipe would be kinda a jerk thing to do. It should be noted that this isn’t the latest recipe for Keto Chow, but it is the latest version that can be made without buying 130 YEARS worth of vitamins (500kg) and besides, it is still awesome!

Keto Chow recipe, figures are for 1 week (21 meals) worth of the ingredients. Note that you can substitute larger packages for a lower cost per day and you can substitute most brands for other ones except the Calcium Phosphate. The Freeda one is the only one I have found that dissolves and doesn’t impart gritty, silty yuck. For a more detailed view of the recipe including cost per day, nutrition info and more check out the recipe on completefoods.co. I also have nutrition info sheets for all the flavors.

You prepare the dry ingredients using the method in this video (note: the video is for an older version of the recipe, some ingredients have changed but the methods are the same).

You make the actual meals of Keto Chow following this guide.

Nutrition information per meal.

Dry Ingredients

(21 meals)
UOMIngredientSourcePackage sizedays per packagecost per day
770gDymatize Nutrition Elite (pick a flavor!)AllStarHealth or Amazon907g/2lb8$2.72
112gAcacia Gum (fiber)AllStarHealth or Amazon640g40$0.49
42gPotassium CitrateAmazon500g83$0.18
42gnon-iodized (“table”) SaltAmazon or grocery store737g/26oz123$0.05
35gNOW Cal/Mag/D3 powderAllStarHealth or Amazon227g/8oz45$0.13
14gFreeda Calcium PhosphateAmazon453g/16oz227$0.09
14gCholine L-Bitartrate (not DL, that stuff sucks)Amazon250g125$0.10
28gXanthan GumAmazon425g/15oz114$0.15
210g28% Fat Light Roast Peanut Flour (optional)Byrd Mill454g/16oz15$0.95

Other ingredients you add at prep time, or take as a pill

(21 meals)
UOMIngredientSourcePackage sizedays per packagecost per day
1659mlHeavy Whipping CreamCostco/Sams/any grocery store1890ml/64oz13$1.18
14pillsConcentrated Omega 3 fish oil (2 a day)Amazon180 pills90$0.23
7pillsNow Foods MK-7 Vitamin K-2 (1 a day)Amazon60 pills60$0.20
7pillsKirkland Signature Daily Multi (1 a day)Amazon or Costco500 pills500$0.03