Keto Chow 2.0 Quick Update – Chocolate Week Bags should be here today

< 1 minute April 24, 2017
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We should be getting our first round of 2.0 – They’ll only have the Chocolate and only in the 21 meal “week” size (no samples yet).

I actually like 2.0 Chocolate better than 1.9 Rich Chocolate – the best way I can describe how it tastes is that it reminds me of chocolate pudding so far as the flavor goes, I like it WAY better than Chocolate Fudge 1.9.

I’ll be taking photos for the shopping cart and checking how well the bags fit into the shipping boxes we have – Hopefully they are similar to how 1.9 fits so we won’t have to drastically change our shipping calculations and boxes. Provided it does show up before 4, I’m hoping to have it available for order on the site later this evening.

Why am I not putting it up on the site for order until I actually have it? A couple of reasons: like I said earlier, I’m uncertain of how big the final product will be, they may have more air in the bag and take up more space, we may be able to fit fewer bags in a given box. Secondly, We’ve had enough delays I’m not wanting to have them up for ordering until we actually have them, simple as that. Anyhow, hopefully, you’ll see an announcement that they’re available in about 10 hours =)


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