Keto Chow 2.0 Update: The Protein HAS ARRIVED! (also we aren’t shipping Monday the 10th)

The Whey Protein Isolate we’ll be using for Keto Chow 2.0 arrived at the warehouse this morning and was unloaded.

Currently, it’s being tested (gotta make sure it doesn’t have salmonella, e-coli or any other fun stuff) and production will likely start on Monday and will continue for a while. We’re expecting to take delivery of the first truckload on Monday, April 17th. Then I get to take some pictures to put on the website, get to check how many of the various packages fit into USPS flat rate boxes so we can make sure shipping is set up right. I’m not sure which flavors will be in the first group. We might get all of them or maybe we’ll only get a few with the rest arriving in the coming week(s). If everything goes OK on Monday I should have 2.0 available for purchase sometime that evening and the first shipments will go out on Tuesday morning (the 18th) – with many arriving on Thursday, April 19.

So in summary: give us a dozen days and you can have some 2.0!

This coming Monday, April 10th we’re not going to be shipping – something about giving people a day off… So to make up for it, we’re shipping tomorrow (Saturday, April 8). You can still place orders this weekend and Monday, it just won’t ship until Tuesday the 11th.

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