Keto Chow Gift Guide and Black Friday Cheat Sheet

With all of our crazy good Black Friday deals coming up, you may be thinking “Hmmm. This sounds great, but there are a lot of options. How do I know what the best choice is for what I need?”* 

You’re in luck! We’ve included some of our top deals, and who we think they would be best for, whether that applies to you or to someone on your holiday gift list** so that you can be ready when the big sales go live.

For the keto newbie 

Try the brand new upcoming Essentials Kit for the simplest way to go from “how do I do this?” to “keto and loving it!” Packed with six delicious flavors, a BlenderBottle® for easy mixing, and a free digital guide to keto. Save 10% Black Friday weekend.

For the keto hostess

We love the croutons from our friends at Foxhill Kitchens (which happen to be on sale right now—score)! They’re great additions to any salad, or to use in a keto-fied stuffing! (Yum!) Make sure to order before November 20 to get your croutons in time for Thanksgiving!

For the person who won’t stop talking about pumpkin spice season and comfy cardigans

This one’s easy! Try the upcoming Fall Seasonal Go Pack. You’ll find Pumpkin Spice Caramel in there, as well as several other cozy, comforting, and deliciously autumnal flavors in one friggin’ tasty 21-meal bundle! 50% off Black Friday weekend.

For the “ice cream makes everything better” crowd

If you want to go all out for the ice cream-obsessed person in your life, the gift of the season hands down is a Ninja Creami. Making ice cream has never been so flexible, or so satisfying. Trust us. We’ve even got an Ice Cream Bundle coming up on Black Friday that will be the perfect way make the gift of a Ninja Creami that extra bit special!

For the keto chef

“Salt is just salt, right?” Nope! And the best tasting, most nutrient-rich kind is Redmond Real Salt. The keto foodie in your life will thank you. (If that keto foodie is you…hello! *waves through the screen*)

For those of us who don’t like missing out…

We may or may not have a special release of a Super Secret *coughNewFlavorThatIsn’tPubliclyAvailableYetcough*! Stay tuned for an announcement! You know. If there is one. (There is.)

*Maybe not, but thanks for humoring us anyway!

**Please note some of these are affiliate links, allowing Keto Chow to earn a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

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