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Keto Chow Success Stories: Ashley M.

< 1 minute September 16, 2020
Ashley Before and After Photo

Keto since June 2016, Keto Chow off and on the whole time.

I started keto in June 2016 half heartedly as a way to win a weight loss challenge I joined at work (that I didn’t even want to join but was talked into lol). A friend of mine had told me about keto and I thought she was nuts and said I’d never give up bread and pasta. One day I just took the plunge and bought 5 dozen eggs, 4 sticks of kerrygold, and a half gallon of heavy cream (the essentials :P).

I lost weight really slowly (compared to some of the success stories you read online) but within about a week my blood sugar readings were within normal ranges and I was amazed. I was diagnosed T2 diabetic with my second pregnancy and getting my blood sugar in check was always an issue. When I started keto my A1C was at an alarming high of 12.8 – for those that don’t know, that is an average BS of 320 and could be deadly, and all while taking THREE different meds. Within 6 months of going keto my A1C was down to 5.8 and I was off all meds, my most recent A1C was 4.7!

Not only has keto helped me lose and keep off over 100 lbs but it has given me my life back, literally. People ask me all the time when I will stop – the answer is, without a doubt, NEVER!


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