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Keto Chow Success Stories Brianne J.

< 1 minute September 16, 2020
Brianne J photo

Brianne J.

I grew up eating extremely low fat so keto was a complete mental shift for me, but I was desperate – I had dieted most of my life, but could only lose weight when I stayed perfectly on plan. Nothing was sustainable because I’m only human! Progress shouldn’t require perfection. I started keto and lost over 50lbs in 7 months, and have been maintaining since. I have gone from a size 18-20 to a size 8. As a busy mom, I have a hard time prioritizing myself, and Keto Chow has given me an easy, convenient, and delicious meal option that lets me satisfy my raging sweet tooth while continuing to eat in a way that makes me feel my best. It has been a crucial part of making keto a sustainable lifestyle change for me.


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