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Keto Chow Success Stories: Chloe G.

< 1 minute September 16, 2020
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Chloe G.

Keto since April 2019, Keto Chow since April 2019.

I needed a kickstart. I looked at a photo of myself and It was my moment of clarity. I was 6 months postpartum, working crazy 3rd shift hours, 254lbs and wasnt making any effort to eat better. I stumbled upon Keto Chow while googling Keto and I saw that amazing commercial with the witch and It was so funny I decided to give it a try! Keto Chow helped me lose 40lbs in 5 months! I went in keto to jump start my weightloss and Keto Chow allowed me to do that! I’m now maintaining my weight at 214lbs and I’m currently on a break from keto since I wanted to see if I could maintain my weight without a special diet, and I have!. I plan to start again after the holidays and I’ll be using Keto Chow to do it!


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